Precision born of responsibility

As a manufacturing company, we are naturally fully aware of our responsibility towards our environment. Effective environmental protection was and remains a key factor in our business activities. And we are precise here as well: Our environmental management system is a fixed element of our integrated management system with the components quality, occupational health and safety, environment, and energy.

Environmentally sound manufacturing processes were a key aspect of all the plans for the new construction
back in 2002. But we take things even further: In 2007, the company was certified in compliance with
the eco-profit standard.

Burgtec manufactures its products in an economically practicable and environmentally responsible manner.
A host of measures, such as the use of waste heat, recycling of coolants and lubricants, usage of minimal lubrication, and air filtering, help us to attain the goals we have set ourselves.

We pursue the concept of sustainability by consistently avoiding and sorting waste.

We advise our customers on choosing materials that are safe for human health. Low-lead or lead-free materials, for example, are increasingly used in the fittings industry. To this end, we have accumulated extensive know-how which we like to share with our customers. Get in touch with us...

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